My name is Alexander Radionov, I design and develop brands.

I was graduated Polytechnic of Turin and formed my own approach to branding, that I had taught at private universities in Italy and Russia. I pay special attention to the meaningfulness of the message and the consistency of its communication.

Here are my contacts:

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Design is not only my job, but my main passion. In my free time, I do my own projects that usually don’t get commercial orders. For example, I designed the Turin subway map:

Turin Subway Map

A great navigational element
for the city I love


Let’s take a leap from a big project for a whole city to branding of a tiny shop in the middle of the taiga. Okolitsa is a cozy bakery in Nizhnevartovsk with its own recipes and traditions.


Okolitsa acquainted me with the nature of Ugra — and I was so impressed that I designed my version of the coat of arms for Nižnevartovsk, even though I had never been there.


The new coat of arms
of the oil capital of Russia


This project was big news for the whole region. I talked about it in several interviews:


I learned the laws of heraldry from the Turin coat of arms. In 2021 I collected all versions of the coat of arms on one poster, starting from the XVII century.


I was also an art director on small projects where I had an opportunity to realize my ideas without restrictions and put any experimental models into production.

Znakomy Astrolog is my friend Alex Kravtsov’s blog and platform for private consultations. I built its branding and designed graphics on Instagram.

Znakomy Astrolog

Branding of notes
on applied astrology


I write poetry and have performed extensively at evenings at literary clubs. One of such evenings — Atmasphere — I decided to redesign it graphically and conceptually — and became its art director. With the help of the Kultura Knigi bureau and Fyodor Filyov’s publishing house, I also made a collection of the club’s best poems from the past year.


The most beautiful
poetry evenings


I also designed a book of poems by Mikhail Yasnov, the famous Russian children’s poet — also with the participation of Kultura Knigi.


I’ve also worked with graphics and products for children: I designed a line of accessories for Gimpas Store, an elite children’s goods store.

Gimpas Store

Good things for kids.
No sugar.


For a whole year I worked as head designer at Alfa Bank, the largest private bank in Russia.

I designed brandings of the company’s departments and designed special projects — including the bank’s main prize, which I took part in. I did a lot of different things at Alfa: from merchandise and office decorations for holidays, to Telegram stickers: they are actively downloaded and used by employees and clients.

Alfa Bank

A year in the most smart
and free bank in Russia


One more sticker pack I designed for the Azbuka Vkusa supermarket chain. I also worked as an announcer for one of its advertising campaigns.


Flame grilled Telegram stickers

Azbuka Vkusa

Recipe for Valentine's Day


Flame grilled Telegram stickers

Azbuka Vkusa

Recipe for Valentine's Day


That’s not all.

In my free time I also work as an announcer, write poetry and do programming — for example, I wrote this whole site by hand, including Tinder with cows.

If you like what I make and would like to work with me, let’s meet. Here are my contacts:

al@radionov.in +39 338 123 3190
Telegram Instagram
Facebook LinkedIn

And download the CV as a keepsake. It might come in handy.


All’s well that ends well.